Thursday, November 1, 2012

In which I rant on the misunderstanding of my simplicity.

What  kind of person is indifferent to spending  four days walking around Disney, riding rides, and seeing all the characters from the childhood movies we grew up with? Me. Yes, I actually could live without all that excitement. I am not saying it was a bad experience, no, not at all. I had a great time in Epcot. The roller-coasters were thrilling with the speed and the drops, and the water park was great too!

So why do I say I can live without all that? Because I also enjoy sitting at a beach looking for seashells or riding the waves. I could spend a day in the pool as long as I have company. Homemade dinners can be just as delicious as expensive dine out places. Would you trade joking around the table having a good time just being together for the stress that can be caused when you go to pay for your expensive dinner out? Hello, money doesn't satisfy. It just causes problems. Not saying going out is a bad thing, sure it can be endearing for special occasions.

Anyways, what really gets to me is when people make a big deal about me not caring whether or not we actually go to a certain theme park or restaurant  No, I am not trying to get an attitude, and I am sorry you interpreted my indifference as getting one, but it is really not any fun when you get upset over me. I will do whatever activities you planned, just don't be offended that I would just as soon jump in the pool.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am just as satisfied with simple pleasures as with extravagant pleasures. So, those of you who want to judge, keep it to yourself and don't get worked up over it. You are only going to make yourself be in a bad mood, which kills the fun for all of us.

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